your northern california wedding + elopement photographer

You know that feeling when you met your hubby or wife? I felt that way when I first held a camera. I always thought I'd be a photojournalist, but it turned out Chico State didn't offer that major (insert my sadness + then my journey to getting my Master's Degree in Education here). Little did I know, I'd find that fire again when my finger was reunited with that shutter some years later. 

I've lived in Northern California for more than a decade and I've been photographing for even longer.

And a little background into my very own love story...

In January of 2024, my handsome fiance (husband coming June 2025) popped the question! Our Bumble love story turned into a real life fairy tale. On our first date, I made him laugh so hard his beer came out his nose, and I knew I had just met my soulmate. Someone I could live this big life with --- with a great sense of humor to boot! These days we live in Orland, CA on a sweet little slice of property on the outskirts of town. We've got two sweet pups, Bella + Seven, who enjoy a roadtrip with mom and dad as much as they enjoy begging for table scraps (they're older now, we're just letting them have all the fun they want). They're the reason I love when y'all bring your doggies to your photoshoot! 

I'm constantly in awe of...

The fact that my life is filled with capturing good people in a time that they'll only live once. I've seen the pride of graduating seniors, the shared laughter between families and the sweet kisses of couples ready to walk down the aisle. Simply put -- nothing compares. 

When it comes to photographing your Northern California (or anywhere!) elopement, wedding (or something in between), I'm an expert in my field. You can trust that your timeline will be handled, your experience will be one of a kind and your photos will be hanging on walls for generations to come. But don't just take my word for it! I'm incredibly blessed at the feedback I get back from my clients.

You'll find out quick that I love others